Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Day 1 - Salt Lake City - Jackson (Wyoming)

Yes, it is true. I'm on vacation again. We started our journey in Salt Lake City. After breakfast we first went to the airport to get our rental car. Afterwards we drove to REI to do some shopping and buy the last missing things for our backcountry hike in the Tetons. At around 1 pm we started our drive to Jackson just a couple of kilometers from Grand Teton National Park.

Near Afton we did a short hike to see the Periodic Spring, which is the largest of three natural springs in the world that naturally turn on and off.

When we came there the water flow just got interrupted and it was amazing to see how the water gradually got less and less. After a couple of minutes the spring turned on again.

Before and after pictures of the spring

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