Montag, 8. September 2008

Day 2 - Grand Teton National Park

Today we spent most of the morning organizing our backcountry hike in the Tetons. As the Teton Crest Trail is not a roundtrip hike and we only have one car we needed to find someone who brings us from the exit trailhead (where we leave our car) to the entry trailhead. In addition, we had to pick up our permits and get bear canisters to store our food during the hike.

After having organized all the important things for our hike we went throught the exhibits at the Visitor Center of Grand Teton National Park and drove around the park. The weather was marvellous and we got some exiting views on the Teton Range and really could enjoy the beautiful landscape.

In addition to a beautiful scenary Grand Teton National Park also provides good opportunities to see wildlife. We could see a big herd of bisons (more than a hundred) as well as antelops.

In the evening we spent several hours packing our backpacks. It was quite some work to have everything fit into the backpack.

The next six days we will be hiking in the Tetons.


George.I.Am hat gesagt…

thats some nice landscape where is it located exactly?

Unknown hat gesagt…

Just as I've seen Grand Teton, I new you will stay there longer! Enjoy your trekking! :-D