Freitag, 19. September 2008

Day 11 - Yellowstone National Park (3)

Today we wanted to do the north loop of Yellowstone National Park. Near Madison Junction we visited Norris Geyser Basin. There are trails on both sides of the visitor center. The left trail was not so interesting as we have already seen similar geothermical features at all kind of different places in the park. There is only Steamboat Geyser to be mentioned, which is the tallest geyser in the park. However, its eruptions are very rare and can be 50 years apart. On the right of the visitor center, however, there are a couple of very nice hotsprings.

From Norris Geyser Basin we drove to Mammoth Springs. On the way there we saw a couple of interesting vulcanic features. At Sheepeaters Cliff we saw columnar lava flows (similar to Devil's Postpile).

At Mammoth Hot Springs we visited the magnificent sinter terraces. It was really awesome !!!

The next couple of pictures are taken between Roosevelt Junction and Canyon.

On the way from Canyon to Norris we saw numerous cars parking next to the road. We then found out that all the people are waiting for wolves to show up as a bison cadaver was lying around. While waiting for the wolves people brought themselves and their cameras into position.

Finally, after a while four wolves showed up :-). It really was very impressive to be able to watch them with the cadaver. We were quite a distance away from the wolves, but some nice people borrowed us their binoculars :-).

In terms of wildlife this day was very successful as we also managed to see an elk just across the street.

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