Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Day 8 - Teton Crest Trail (6)

Today we started our day a bit earlier at around 6 am. We did not expect much from this day as the major goal was to hike out Granite Canyon. However, the hike turned out to be much better than expected. We were more or less the only poeple on the trail and we saw several moose at quite short distance (about 3-5 meters) :-). Fortunately, they were not bothered at all by our presence. While the first mooses we saw were female, we also managed to see bulls :-). It was really impressive to see mooses that closely.

Granite Canyon - a perfect habitat for moose and grizzly bears

Regina and her admirer

Although Granite Canyon is also a perfect habitat for grizzly bears we did not manage to see any. But at least we could see their traces and take pictures of grizzly bears at our motel ;-).

Shortly before the exit trailhead the vegetation dramatically changed and you can see sagebrush and aspen trees everywhere.

At the end of our hike

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