Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Day 7 - Teton Crest Trail (5)

Today we just had a very short hike infront of us. We just had to cross the Death Canyon Shelf, cross Fox Creek Pass (which was about the same elevation than the Death Canyon Shelf) and then walk down to Marion Lake - a beautiful mountain lake with a wonderful turquoise color. The weather was again gorgeous :-).

The big stone blocks at Death Canyon Shelf really impressed us.

Death Canyon Shelf (foreground) and the Tetons (background)

Pictures taken near Fox Creek Pass

We arrived at Marion Lake around noon and found a wonderful campsite. After having set up our tent and having eaten lunch we went to the lake and stayed there all the afternoon. Except for a couple of people who left when we came to the lake we did not meet any people during the entire day :-).

Matthias and Regina at the lake

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