Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Day 17 - Monumnet Valley, Canyon de Chelly

Today we had to wake up very early as we have booked a guided tour to Monument Valley starting at 7:30. Our guide, Fred, brough us to different nice places which are only accessible with a guide and showed us the best places to take pictures. It was really great as Fred gave us a lot of hints how to make the best out of our shots.

sun's eye (with eyebrows and tears)

Can you see the man?

After a great time in Monument Valley we drove further south to visit Canyon de Chelly. Canyon de Chelly was inhabitated by people already for a very long time and is a sacred place for the Navajo. We did the South Rim trail (due to the better light in the afternoon) and went to most of the viewpoints. In addition, we walked down the canyon (about 600 feet of elevation) to the Sliding House Ruins. The hike was well worth the effort as we really could enjoy the beautiy of Canyon de Chelly.

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