Montag, 29. September 2008

Day 21 - Bryce Canyon

We stood up at sunrise and walked along the North Rim of Bryce Canyon to take pictures. It was really beautiful :-).

After having removed our tent we drove into the park and stopped at the Sunset Point. We really had good light there and it just was amazing. From there we did the Navajo Loop Trail and parts of the Pikaboo Trail which both were really well worth the effort.

Afterwards we visited the remaining viewpoints in the National Park, however, none of them could compete with Sunset Point and the view we could get from our campsite. We concluded our visit of Bryce Canyon National Park by watching the park movie.

At around 1pm we started our way back to Salt Lake and stopped at Provo for shopping and had all-you-can eat buffet at Sizzler's :-).

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Unknown hat gesagt…

An all-you-can eat buffet is always nice! :-D It was interesting to see these interesting places again. Have a good trip back.