Montag, 29. September 2008

Day 21 - Zion Canyon

In the morning we drove from Page to the Zion Canyon National Park. We entered the park via the East Enterence and took the scenic Zion Mount Carmel Highway to the Zion Canyon Visitor Center.

There we had to park our car and take the shuttle bus into the canyon. As the bus operate every 6 minutes it was quite convenient for us. We left the shuttle at several stops to do short hikes. We stopped at the Court of Patriarchs, did the Emerald Pool Trail and a very short hike to the Weeping Rocks.

We had not much luck with the weather in the park as it was cloudy most of the time and there were local thunderstorms. But still the visit of Zion National Park was well worth. However, much more time would be needed to really explore the park in detail.

In the afternoon we left the park again via the east entrance and drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. We got a really gorgeous campsite there at the North Campground right next to the North Rim of the Canyon. Havind such a well located campsite we could really enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon at sunset. When it got dark we made a campfire and grilled some meat and corn. It was awesome.

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