Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Day 6 - Teton Crest Trail (4)

For today we have planned quite a long leg over two mountain passes. The weather was fantastic and it was more or less cloudless. From our campsite we first had to climb about 250 m in elevation to reach Hurricane pass.

The trail was moderately steep and zigzagged to the pass. At the pass we got breathtaking views on the Tetons and the Schoolroom Glacier as well as on the Alaska Basin.

Schoolroom Glacier

We spent quite some time at the pass taking pictures before we hiked down to the Alaska Basin.

Having crossed Alaska Basin we had to cross Mount Meek pass.

Shortly after the pass the Death Canyon Shelf camping area started where we planned to stay overnight.

However, we had to hike for a while until we found a campsite with easy access to water (many of the rivers where dried out). The campsite offered good views on the Death Canyon, however, it was quite windy. We again yould enjoy a great sunset with the surrounding mountains turning red.

This was by far the most spectacular part of our hike so far as the scenary was just extraordinary.


Unknown hat gesagt…

When the wetter is nice the views are really fascinating! :-D

Austin Webb hat gesagt…

Agh!!! I love your blog!