Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Punta del Este and Piriápolis

It's a while since my last post, but since Paco was teaching during the week there was not too much interesting to report.

Thursday was an extremely unpleasant day with very heavy rain. One thing I learned that heavy rain and beginning of the month is a very bad combination in Montevideo, because its extremely difficult to get a taxi. It was already quite difficult to get a taxi on the way to the university, but on the way back afer Paco's presentation it was even worse. After about 50 minutes trying to get a taxi and already being completely wet (despite umbrellas) and half frozen we fortunately found a way to get to our hotel by public transportation.

Friday the weather was already much better and we met with Andrea and two of her colleagues for lunch. In the afternoon Paco was teaching the last part of his course and in the evening we visited the "Feria del Libro" in Parque Rodó. Unlike the name suggests there were not only books, but also lots of beautiful craftwork and I have to say that it was quite successful in terms of aquisitions ;-).

With the weekend also the good weather arrived and we spent a great day visiting different places near Montevideo. We started in the morning driving to Punta del Este which is around 100 kilometers from Montevideo. While in Montevideo the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean mix, there is pure Atlantic Ocean in Punta del Este. We had a great time at the beach and excellent food in a really nice place nearby.

We also visited Casapueblo which is a hotel located between Punta del Este and Piriápolis. We arrived there just at the perfect time and the light was just great. I could take some spectacular pictures with the light we had. See yourself !

We then moved on to Priápolis where we enjoyed the beach as well as the sunset, which was really beautiful.

The evening together with Andrea's family was the perfect ending of a great day.

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