Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

Montevideo Week 2

Sunday was a very quiet day where I relaxed in the hotel and prepared my keynote for Tuesday. In the evening Paco, Pardo and I met with Andrea to see some more of the city.

 Prado en el Prado

On monday the BPMuy conference started with a keynote of Paco, a presentation of Andrea and several presentations of different BPM vendors. The afternoon was again very bad weather with heavy rain. Heavy rain in Uruguay is really unpleasant, because you cannot do anything. Its impossible to get a taxi and waiting for a bus is also difficult, because you are completely wet (even if you have an umbrella) after two or three minutes, since the rain is coming horizontal. In the evening we all had dinner together (fortunately Andrea still had the car we rented for the weekend and could pick us up) since both Paco and Prado were leaving for Spain.

On Tuesday I had my keynote in the morning and participated in a roundtable in the afternoon with two representatives from IBM and Oracle (see also my work related website). For me the whole conference was a very interesting experience, because everything except my keynote was in Spanish. Also the roundtable (with exception of my statements) was completely held in Spanish. For me it was cool to see that I could (just after 1,5 years of learning Spanish) pretty well follow everything and could participate well in the roundtable.

Also my Spanish speaking benefited tremendously from this stay. Especially when Prado was around I was "forced" to speak Spanish all the time, since she does not speak any English. I'm really, really happy about the progress I made. For sure I'm still far from being able to express everything I want in the way I want, but its already good enough to have converstations going far beyond small talk and to have discussions with topics of joint interest. In the evening I visited again the Feria and afterwards went for a run at the beach where I could enjoy a beautiful sunset.

On Wednesday my postgraduate course started and I was teaching all morning. In the afternoon I was resting a bit in the hotel and also worked a bit there. It was an extremely hot day, since there was no wind at all, with still 32 degrees at 19:00 (in the shadow). At around 20:00 I met with Andrea at the Feria and we picked up one of her nieces as well as a nephew of her and walked a bit around Park Rodó and visited the other Feria. Again we could enjoy a beautiful sunset. Afterwards we went for dinner together with the kids (2 and 3 years old) and had a really nice time together. For someone from Austria its pretty uncommon that kids are staying up that long---completely different to our customs.

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