Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Gran Paradiso - Day 6

While the others had two exhausting legs in front of them, I used the time to relax. After breakfast, as I first thing in the morning, I took the bus to Cogne and from there to Lillaz to get my car.


From Lillaz I drove to Aymavilles from where I did a hike to Pondel. Pondel is famous for its Roman aqueduct bridge which was built 3BC and carried water across the valley, more than 60m above the bottom. The unique thing about Pondel is the type of construction, i.e., combination of bridge and aqueduct.

Castle of Aymavilles whose origins go back to the 12th century

Church of Saint Léger in Aymavilles

Bridge Aqueduct of Pondel

Back in Aymavilles I had lunch and then headed to Courmayeur to see Mont Blanc and some of the other mountains.

The next picture shows the south eastern view of the Peuterey ridge (taken from Val Ferret): Aiguille Noire - Dames Anglaises - Aiguille Blanche - Mont Blanc de Courmayeur - Mont Blanc

From Courmayeur I drove to Val Ferret where I had some really, really amazing views of the Grandes Jorasses. The highest point – Point Walker – is hidden in the fog.

The Triolet Glacier, which is located east of Grandes Jorasses, is also really beautiful. From the parking lot in Planpinchieux I made a short hike to take these pictures.

On the way back I stopped in Staint-Pierre and took some pictures of the Castle of Sarriod

and the parish church and the castle.

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