Freitag, 6. August 2010

Gran Paradiso - Day 1

Due to bad weather in the Tyrol we started our trip to Gran Paradiso one day earlier than initially planned. We started very early in the morning and picked up Andi. We were very lucky with the traffic and progressed very quickly. Entering the Valley of Aosta it became more
mountainous. The Valley of Aosta is enframed by some of the Alps' most famous mountains / mountain ranges like Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso. On our drive we could also see many stone houses with roofs of stone tiles which are quite typical for the area. Moreover, we could see many old churches and medieval castles. Around 12 we arrived at our hotel in the center of Aosta.

After a short lunch break we drove to Pontey (near Nus just a few kilometers from Aosta) to climb. The directions we had were very rough and it took as a while to find the climbing area. Pontey offers about a dozen, mostly rather easy routes on gneiss. We had a lot of fun climbing there and enjoyed the afternoon a lot.

In the evening we strolled through the streets of Aosta where we could see many remnants of Aosta's Roman history (e.g., Arch of Augustus, Roman Theatre, Porta Pretoria) and had a nice dinner.

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