Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Gran Paradiso - Day 5

Today's leg went from Bivacco Ivrea (2745m) to Rifugio Meneghello (2440m). From our bivouac the trail headed towards Tre Bechhi. Soon the trail became really tedious leading through endless sea of stone blocks to Colle dei Becchi (2990m). Unfortunately, when we arrived at the pass, we could not see much of the surrounding mountains since the weather was not good enough.

Fortunately, the way down was a bit less exhausting than the ascent, since there was still a big snow field :-).

Soon we could see Lago Telessio glistening in turquois blue color. Down there is also Rifugio Pontese 2193m. However, before enjoying lunch there we had to descent about 800m in elevation.

The lunch at the hut was really amazingly good and we spent several hours there.

While Matthias, Andi, Stefan, Jakob and Sarah continued the hike from there (for me the next two upcoming legs were too exhausting), I hiked down to Lago Telessio from where a taxi picked me up and brought me to the train station in Ivrea. From there I took the train back to Aosta.

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