Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

Day 6 - L'Anse au Clair - Rock Harbour (New Foundland)

Distance: ~ 400 km + ferry

Today we had better luck with the weather and drove back to Red Bay to take the boat to Saddle Island, where evidence of Red Bay's eary link with Basque whaling history was found in the late 70s.

As we were too late for the first boat tour starting at 9am we decided to use the time for taking pictures on the way up. In Capstan Island - a small fishing village between L'Anse au Clair (where we stayed overnight) and Red Bay - we took a longer stop. Focussing too much on taking pictures we forgot to protect ourselves with insect repellant which turned out to be a huge mistake. Both of us got numerous bites of black flies :-(.

What difference a bit of sun can make

You can see sledges like these all around New Foundland and Labrador. They are used to transport firewood.

Vertebrae of a whale

In Red Bay we took the water taxi to Saddle Island and did a hike to explore the peaceful island. We were the only ones on it, except for hundreds of breeding birds.

Red Bay was used as a harbour by the Basque whale fishers

Saddle Island where in 1978 evidence for Basque whale fishing activities in the 15th century was found

After visiting Red Bay we started our way back and again made several stops for taking pictures.

We went to L'Anse Amour to see the famous lighthouse (this time with better light).

At about 2pm we arrived in Blanc Sablon where the ferry to New Foundland is departing, had lunch at the ferry terminal and bought delicious partridge berry and blueberry muffins for the drive.

We got pretty good seats in the ferry with a perfect view onto the ocean, which allowed us to see a group of dolphins just in front of the ferry :-).

After about 1h 30 we arrived in St. Barbe (New Foundland), fueled up our car and started our 230km drive to Rocky Harbour, where we stayed at the Ocean View Motel (Regina probably remembers this place quite well from our 2004 New Foundland trip). We had an excellent seafood dinner at the motel and enjoyed an eye-inspiring sunset from the dining room.


Unknown hat gesagt…

"What difference a bit of sun can make" - that's true! So I wish you a lot of sun! :-D

"a group of dolphins just in front of the ferry" really great I envy you! :-D

the sunset photos are nice! :-)

Unknown hat gesagt…

I looked one more time at the sunset photos! I guess that play of colors was amazing there. I have seen sunset at a seaside so long time ago that I have forgotten how beautiful it can be... :-)