Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

High Tatra - Day 4

Today was the highlight of our stay in the High Tatra - an alpine climbing tour :-). Together with our mountain guide Pavel (many summits in the High Tatra are only accessible with mountain guide) we started very early in the morning and drove to Popradské Pleso (1494m), about half-way up Mengusovska dolina. From there we hiked to the base of Vodia veza where we started our climb.

Volia veza (in german Ochsenrücken)

Hiking to the base of Volia Veza

Volia Veza (in the background)

Pictures taken from the base of Volia Veza

There are several options climbing Volia Veza from which we chose a rather simple route (UIAA 3). When we started climbing the weather already started to turn bad - it got increasingly windy and foggy, but still stayed dry. Climbing itself - though not very difficult - was really great due to the wonderful solid granite.

Pictures taken from the summit of Volia Veza right at the Polish / Slovak boarder

View into Poland

View into Slovakia

Since the weather was really about to turn bad we just took a few picures and quickly started our descent (UIAA 1-2). Back at the lake heavy rain started and even hailed briefly. We were very glad that we managed to climb and descent the most difficult parts while it still was dry.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Nice mountains! ;-) We enjoyed watching your pictures with familiar views. :-)

On the Polish part you saw Dolina Rybiego Potoku (the valley) with Morskie Oko (Meerauge, the lower one with a mountain hut) and Czarny Staw (Schwarzsee).

I guess you could see the highest peak of Poland (Rysy), as it is reachable from the Morskie Oko.