Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

High Tatra - Day 2

Today we made a crossing of the High Tatra. Our hike started in Javorina, a place in the nord east of the High Tatra close to the Polish Boarder. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad - very foggy and partially raining - and we could only guess the beauty of the surrounding mountains. From Javorina we walked into the 10 km long Javorovà Dolina (Maple) Valley. The first kilometers were rather easy, but it got increasinly steep towards the top of the valley.

At Sedielko (2376 m) - the highest Tatra pass which can be reached by marked route and the highest point of our hike

On our descent we first had to walk down a very steep snow field. Since we did not bring any crampons we were glad that the snow was very soft.

At Téryho Chata (2012 m) - the highest mountain hut in the High Tatra which is open the whole year long - we stopped for a while and got something warm to drink.

From Téryho Chata we hiked through Madá Studená Dolina down to Stary Smokovec which we reached after about 9 hrs

About five years ago huge parts of the High Tatra very destroyed by a heavy storm.

Waterfalls near Zamkovskeho Chata

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