Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Copenhagen - Day 4

As a first thing today we visited the little Mairmed statue. And surprise - we did not only see the statue, but also a little ice pinguine next to it :-).

We then passed by Rosenborg castle which unfortunately was closed and walked through the pretty croweded pedestrian zone.

Our next stop was the Round Tower - the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The interior of the tower was pretty intersting and consisted of a spiral ramp. The tower also hosted a very nice exhibition on Greenland - a combination of photographs and drawings.

From there we strolled to the national museeum where we made a tour through the Danish history. In addition, the museum hosted a temporary exhibition on the rain forest and on climate change which both were quite interesting.

After we left the museum Werner had a call from KLM on his mobile phone letting us know that our flight got rebooked (to Hanover and from there to Munich). When we arrived at the airport it started to snow and I started to wonder whether we will be able to reach Munich today. Boarding started on time. However, when sitting in the plane we got informed about problems with de-icing leading to at least a one hour delay. Since our connection in Hanover was very short this meant that we wont be able to reach the flight to Munich. However, we were very lucky and managed to get rebooked on a direct flight to Munich (which as initially fully booked, but due to the bad weather some people could not make it on time) and even arrived earlier in Munich than with our initial flight :-). Thus, we did not mind that our luaggage did not make it as it will be delivered to our home in the next couple of days.

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