Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

America's Southwest - Day 3

During breakfast we learnt about America's new toy of the year: Zhu Zhu - a must have for American kids. So in case you are desperately seeking for presents for your kids check out ;-) or just be creative.

In the morning we visited Chiricachua National Monument, which is among others famous for its rock formations.

It's christmas time - Chiricachua National Monument Visitor Center

I was quite amazed to see how quickly vegation can entirely change. At the park entrance we still had grasslands, while just a few hundred meters later grasslands were replaced by forests.

We learnt that the park is also home for a few jaguars (btw there are also jaguars in Saguaro National Park we visited yesterday). I was quite surprised that you can find such animals in the south of Arizona. However, as not expected otherwise we did not spot any of them.

Instead we could enjoy nice rock formations covered with snow :-).

After some hours of driving we arrived in the late afternoon at White Sands National Monument - just on time for the sunset :-).

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