Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Exploring the South of Sardegna

Last week I attended the XP'09 conference in Pula, Sardegna. Friday after the conference Jutta, Susanne and I drove to Nora which is located just a couple of kilometers outside of the city center of Pula. Nora is a well known archeological site founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC and is really well worth a visit. Most probably Nora was the first city on Sardegna.

The lighthouse of Capo di Pula

Roman Theater at Nora

Mosaic floor at Nora

On Saturday Werner and I drove along the south coast of Sardegna and the weather was again gorgeous.

Our first stop was in Chia were we walked up the hill to Torre di Chia.

Barbara on Torre di Chia

From there we had splendid views on both sides.

Torre di Chia Beach

Chia Beach

After climbing Torre di Chia we drove just a bit further and did a beach hike at Chia Beach (picture above). The beach with its wonderful white sand, sand dunes and wonderful turquoise water really provides some Caribean feelings.

The coastline between Chia and Teulada is also spectacular and provides some stunning untouched scenary.

Cows like the beach and the sun too :-).

Some impressions from Sardegnia's vegetation

From Teulada our drive brought as to Sant'Antioco island which offers a spectacular coastline.

Close to the most southern spot of the island is Torre Cannai.

On our way back to Pula we took an alternative route through the mountains.

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