Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

Barcelona (2)

Today I visited Park Güell - another of Gaudi's masterpieces. To reach the park I took the metro to Lessepo and walked from there a bit more than a kilometer. I first walked to the calvary at the top of the park from where I had a nice view on the city.

At some distance you can see Sagrada Familia and the sea in the back.

I then explored the pathways in the park and walked by Casa Trias and the viaducts. Unfortunately, the limits of my lense showed very cleary today - I would have needed a better wide angle.

The Rosary pathway brought me to the center of the park where Gaudi built a large square with benches.

From there I walked down to the Market Place ...

and further down the staircases

to the main entrance of the park.

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