Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Gran Paradiso - Day 10

Today we started quite early in the morning since we wanted to climb Gran Paradiso (4061 m). When we left Rifugio Chabod with our backpacks it was still dark and we needed headlights for the first part of the way. We hiked for about an hour before we reached the glacier where we had to rope ourselves up bacause of the many crevasses. Stefan went first and walked really, really slow to ensure that we no one of us gets any troubles with the height (for me it was the first time at such an elevation).

After about four hours of hiking we reached the top of Gran Paradiso. To get to the summit we had to cross a short climbing passage. When we got at the summit the weather clared up and we had some really amazing views :-). Even though Gran Paradiso is considered as relatively easy it was a great experience for us.

In the early afternoon we arrived at Rifugio Vittoria Emanuel where we stayed overnight.

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